Humidification Solutions

ControlTo control the humidity levels and improve the comfort felt in your New Hampshire home, rely on the expert service and advice from the home comfort specialists at Joy's HVAC.

Discover how Joy's HVAC can help you take control over the level of humidity in your home:

1. Improved Home Comfort

We can help improve your home comfort and make savings on your utility bills the whole year round. During winter our humidifiers can add humidity to the air to make it feel warmer and can reduce your heating expenditure. Conversely, during summer our de-humidifiers will remove moisture from the air to help you feel cooler, reducing your cooling needs and costs.

2. Humidification

TechsHumidity dictates how people feel temperature. In high humidity, there is more moisture, whereas in low humidity the air can feel dry, making the air feel harsh to breath. Other side-effects of not enough moisture or low humidity is the potential damage that can be done to wooden floorboards and furniture which can crack or warp in these conditions as well the harsh effects dry air can have on your skin. With a humidification solution you're adding needed moisture to the air, creating a comfortable breathing and living environment for all members of the family, especially those with breathing difficulties such as asthma. Another benefit of increasing the humidity levels is the reduced amount of air conditioning required to cool your home, saving you money on your energy costs.

3. Dehumidification

If there are any damp or musty areas in your home (such as basements), or you have condensation collecting on window sills or on bathroom and kitchen walls, these are signs that the humidity level is too high. With a dehumidification solution you will be lowering your humidity and reducing the moisture levels in your home which will not only help prevent mold and mildew build-up, which can damage your property, it will also reduce your cooling costs in the warmer months.

4. Humidity Control At Your Finger Tips

Our digital humidity controls are extremely easy-to-use and make taking control of your home's humidity even more convenient.

5. Professional Service

At Joy's HVAC we are completely licensed and insured for all your home's humidification and dehumidification needs and all work is performed by experienced and skilled professionals.

6. Helpful And Friendly

Joy's HVAC can answer any questions you might have about your humidity control needs and help you improve your comfort levels by ensuring you have the best system and service.

To control the humidity levels in your home in New Hampshire, call and speak with the humidity experts at Joy's HVAC today.

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